Sunday, March 1, 2009

Courage and Patience: The Proper Way to Defeat Dangerous Chairs

Whenever a devilish beast terrorizes a village, courageous men will rise to the challenge and risk their lives for the good of the community -- think Kilmer and Douglass in The Ghost and the Darkness and Scheider, Shaw and Dreyfuss in Jaws. After the soulless dining room chair pictured above spent months instigating rifts between friends, generating extreme intoxication among teenagers and generally terrorizing Ashford Street, five grizzled sportsmen answered the call to protect their friends and family.

The struggle was intense and splinters abounded, but thanks in large part to the efforts of the indomitable Philip Guidon (center), the group subdued the beast, rendered it completely unsalvageable and restored tranquility to the region.

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